Green Fairy

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Green Fairy is a chromatic font family highly ornamented for display purposes.

As its name suggests, Green Fairy has a sweet aroma inspired by the absinthe-making process.

Green Fairy's characters have been specifically designed to accommodate its loops and ornaments following a modern typeface structure.

Green Fairy has four chromatic layers (weights), the Outline one being the base for the rest of them.

You can combine these weights, as well as add colours to obtain multiple type styles.

1. Green Fairy Outline
2. Green Fairy Dots
3. Green Fairy Stencil
4. Green Fairy Full

Green Fairy has also two combined weights (combos) to simplify your workflow; for these occasions when you only want to use one single colour in your font:

5. Green Fairy Dots Combo
6. Green Fairy Stencil Combo
7. Green Fairy Full Combo

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- OTF (Open Type File) Font files
- Green Fairy Type Specimen (PDF)

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